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My ultimate packing list

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article help support My Adventures Across the World at absolutely no extra cost to you. I am not sponsored by the brands I mention, they are simply products that I like and regularly use during my travels and as such I recommend. If you feel like buying them through the links I

What NOT to do in Siem Reap

Don’t ride that elephant

The sad truth about the use of animals in tourist attractions A few months ago, when my trip to South East Asia was still in the preparation phase, my sister (the only person I really enjoy traveling with) and I started browsing any possible material we could find in search of information about places to

Hello! (2)

How to be an Unsuccessful Backpacker

A lot of travel bloggers enjoy bragging. They are all about the number of countries they have visited (hint: often times, they have just gone through a country during a bus ride on their way to a different once, but since they got a stamp on their passport they still think it’s ok to tick

make money blogging

How I Make Money Blogging

There’s not one established way to make money blogging. Whenever people ask me what I do for a living, I say I have a travel blog. The following question is more precise, just in case I didn’t realize that they were actually asking about my profession: “what do you actually do for work?” That’s when

Eilat Israel

Why I love Eilat

I had the lowest expectations about Eilat. To be fair, I doubted I would like it all. But I had to go anyways, as I was on my way to Jordan and it was the easiest place to cross the border without a pre-arranged visa. To read more about my experience in Jordan, check my

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Who is Claudia?

Hello, nice to meet you!

Hello, nice to meet you!

Hi, my name is Claudia. One day I packed my life and started travelling... except I packed too much. Follow me as I fill my life with dreams, drop the weight and inspire you to live your dreams. Learn more about me here...


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