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Guatemala Tikal

How To Visit Tikal, Guatemala, On A Budget

In search of the Maya at Tikal ruins and Yaxha I tried to travel to Guatemala on a budget, but I would never dare miss one of the most impressive Mayan archeological sites. Guatemala tourism is often associated with Tikal ruins, making this one of the places to visit in Guatemala. Flores, in Peten Guatemala, is the easiest access point to

Guatemala Semuc Champey

Why You Should Visit Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Travel to Lanquin Guatemala When they travel to Guatemala, backpackers go to Lanquin to explore the wonderful Semuc Champey caves around 9 km out of town and to visit its natural rock pools. Any Semuc Champey hostel can organise guided tours of the caves and of the area. For as adventurous as a Semuc Champey tour can be (picture walking in a cave, immersed

lake atitlan guatemala

Why You Should Visit Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Do not ever plan a trip to Guatemala without considering a visit of Lake Atitlan: (rightly) considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, it is a place of breathtaking beauty, incredible magnetism, where I felt close to nature and where I could spend weeks doing different activities, and most of all where I could relax as

Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Guatemala best market: Chichicastenango

Places to visit in Guatemala: Chichicastenango For those who visit Guatemala, Chichicastenango is a must see. This small city feels isolated in time and space from the rest of country. Picture high mountains and a mist that covers the city, and when it comes down at night, it looks almost surreal. Set at 2172 meters above sea

Antigua Guatemala

Places To Visit In Guatemala: Antigua

Places to visit in Guatemala Any traveller who loves archeology, nature, adventure and wants to chill out on lakesides will love Guatemala. Nestled around the country are many colonial villages, volcanoes, lovely cities and incredibly well kept archeological sites. As the Lonely Planet would put it, this is a place of rare beauty, majour historical significance

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